Maximize brokerage margins with effortless automations

Intuitive AI automations to allow brokerages to deliver a premium customer experience while improving efficiency.

Boost AM productivity

Allow AMs and producers to sell more effectively by eliminating 10+ hours of mundane work every week.

improvement in seller productivity

Skyrocket margins

Reduce reliance on expensive manual workforces prone to bottlenecks and save millions through scalable automations.

reduction in cost of administrative work

Maximize speed & minimize E&O risk

Complete service operations at the speed of light while minimizing E&O exposure from human error.

more speed compared to manual operation
How Fulcrum helps brokerages.
Proposal automation
Simply grab quotes from various carriers and generate a proposal in less than 3 mins- no fuss, no copy pasting, save hours of mundane work.
Download carrier docs
Automatically get NOCs, endorsements and more in your system without having to visit 10s of carrier portals every single day.
Data entry into AMS
Stop spending hours copy pasting data from quotes, binders, policies into your AMS. Simply forward the documents and we will take care of the rest.
Customer feedback
“We’re very excited about the impact Fulcrum is creating. They are helping us replace $5M of BPO/VA spend.”
“Our VP of Client Experience said she wanted to cry when she saw Fulcrum’s demo for the first time.”
“Thank you for introducing us to Fulcrum. What a slick product and an absolutely amazing set of folks.”

Flexible at any scale

UI automation
Human-level intelligence
on computer screens

Create implementation-light automations to mimic the steps a human would perform on computer screens that are precise and don’t break easily unlike RPA.

Document Triage
Handle documents of any kind

Any type, format, layout or size — Fulcrum can perform classification or extract data with documents of any kind.

Flexibility at any scale
Integrate your platform of choice

Fulcrum provides versatile integrations with business logic specific to your workflow.

Secure and business-ready
Fulcrum complies with the required modern security standards such as SOC2 and HIPAA as per your requirements.
Strict permissioning and separation of data is enforced, including integration with your SSO for your peace of mind.
Your data is your data. It is safegaurded and not used to train Machine Learning models that service other customers.
Access real-time and historical platform status along with 99.9% uptime available on our Enterprise plan.
Start improving margins and selling more productively
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